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  • Painting was my passion since I was a kid .

  • I finished high school with an dream " studying Fine Arts " ! , first step was getting into the Institute of Applied Arts in Damascus Uni - specializing in Sculpture. There I learned using tools, and turning ideas into reality.

  • Before graduation I participated in the Mediterranean Forum of Arts in Turkey, which was the first experience of contact with the neighbouring countries art's .

  • later; I graduated at an excellent rate, participated in many workshops of wood art for several years in Syria, during which I continued my studies at the Faculty of Arts Department of Sculpture.

  • I learned how to use new tools and work with wood and stone ؛ looked at several art methods, and the closest to me were abstraction in sculpture, and in expressiveness in painting.

  • In abstraction was the shaping of the sculpture a priority in deciding the method of work, and achieving the aimed goal. As for painting, the colours took over me in a strange way, i tried to discover this world with personal research and a personal study - I was able to express all the things inside me, and during the recent war in Syria I just painted and painted. I finished my studies during the war in 2014, and then left to Lebanon heading afterwards to Germany.

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